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The Crack Doctor was founded in 1990 as a service to pool owners to give them an alternative to draining their pools for repairs. We have the equipment and the knowledge to locate your source of water loss and make all the necessary repairs. Though we specialize in leak detection and underwater repair, we also provide repair options for your tile, coping, and plaster as well as equipment repair and replacement.

Static Testing
If you feel your pool is losing water (over ½ inch per 24 hour period), the first thing you are going to want to do is determine the amount of water you are losing both on (with the equipment running) and with all the equipment off.

  1. Fill your pool to its normal operating level and mark. (typically halfway up the tile at the skimmer)
  2. Let the pool circulate for 24 hours (if possible).  Measure the amount of loss. (if the pool loses water at a rate that it drops below the skimmer before the testing period is over, discontinue the test)
  3. Fill your pool back to its normal operating level.
  4. Leave all pool equipment off  for 24 hours.  Measure the amount of loss.
    Note:  in some instances further testing may need to be done on separate bodies of water, such as spas, fountains, etc.

After the above testing has been completed and you have determined that your water loss exceeds ½ inch, contact our office, and we can then schedule a leak detection on your pool.  The information you provide from the testing will help us to determine how to best proceed with your leak detection.

We offer year round service and free estimates, so call us today!

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